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Recruitment of Scientific Director Clinical Research Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
The Clinical Research Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SHSMU) was established on June 15th 2017. It has become an independent research faculty under the leadership of and inferior to the School of Medicine. The Center provides technical services for high-level clinical research, and supports platform construction and guidance as well as collaboration and innovation of translational medicine and discipline development and talent cultivation based on clinical methodology studies. Meanwhile the Center fully supports the development of Public Health and has gradually becomes a professional institution including function of service, management, discipline development and synchronization of industry and research. As is needed, the center is recruiting a Center Director globally. 
一、 岗位概述 
Job Description 
Position responsibility is to match-up both national and local scientific innovation strategy with School of Medicine. According to the mid and long term disciplinary planning, it is going to strengthen the service capability of undertaking science and technology strategy of SHSMU and to promote overall clinical research level. To assist the leadership of SHSMU to complete the tasks assigned under the long term goal to build a nation-wide influential Center on the clinical research and achievements incubation. 
Job Duties 
1. 全面负责中心日常工作; 
To be fully responsible for the daily operations of the Center 
2. 打造专业、具有国际视野的专职交叉复合型科学研究人才和临床研究支撑辅助人员队伍; 
To build a full time team of cross-discipline research talents and clinical research supporting staffs with professional and international vision; 
3. 以建立国际一流的临床研究学科体系目标,全面建设临床研究科研及教学体系; 
To build a comprehensive clinical research and teaching system with the goal of establishing a world-class clinical research discipline system. 
4. 以医学院-附属医院两级临床研究中心建设为目标,在医学院内部建立起立体化的临床研究技术支撑平台,推动高水平临床研究成果产生; 
To establish a multi-dimensional technical support platform for clinical research and to promote the production of high-level clinical research outcomes, aimed for the construction of two-level clinical research center in the medical college and the affiliated hospitals. 
5. 全面推动临床研究中心的国际合作水平,支持临床研究团队领衔或参与全球有影响的多中心临床研究。 
To upgrade internationalization of clinical research center, support clinical research teams to lead or participate in multi-center studies of global influence. 
1. 年龄原则上50周岁以下,研究生学历,博士学位或高级专业技术职务,有国内外相关工作经历,在学术界有一定影响力,并具有全国知名生物医学机构或相关行业内主持工作的经验; 
Generally under the age of 50, doctor’s degree or senior professional title or senior technical qualifications, relevant domestic or international work experience, has certain influence in the academic field, experience as a leader in the national well-known biomedical institutions or relevant industries 
2. 医学、流行病与卫生统计、生物统计学、生物信息学、数学等相关专业背景;熟悉且能支持发展公共卫生相关方法学科的教学、研究; 
Any of the following background: medicine, epidemiology and health statistics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, mathematics, etc.;familiar with teaching and research of the discipline on the public health related methodology. 
3. 具备丰富的国内外临床医学研究,多中心临床试验合作经验,有临床医学顶级期刊发表经验者优先; 
Proficient in domestic and international clinical research and multi-center clinical trials cooperation. 
Experienced in the publication top SCI journal is preferred. 
4. 精通医学统计模型,开展临床统计方法学创新研究; 
Proficient in medical statistical model, experience in carrying out innovative research on clinical statistical methodology. 
5. 熟悉并掌握临床研究大数据、电子医疗病历数据分析,人工智能的知识和能力; 
Mastering big data technology on clinical research, data analysis of electronic medical records and knowledge of AI. 
6. 有较强的组织协调、沟通创新和语言表达能力; 
Strong skills of coordination, communication, innovation and public speech. 
7. 有从事相关综合管理工作经历者优先考虑; 
Experience in relevant administration work is preferred. 
8. 特别优秀者条件可适当放宽。 
Requirements can be relaxed for outstanding candidates. Requirements discretion may apply to outstanding candidates. 
How to apply 
1. 应聘者请下载并填写“上海交通大学医学院应聘报名表(Application Form)”(下载网址:https://www.shsmu.edu.cn/rlzy/),并在2020年5月20日之前提供以下材料: 
Applicants please download and complete Application Form,provide the following materials by May 20, 2020: 
(1) 应聘报名表及个人简历(中英文); 
Application Form and Resume(both in English and Chinese) 
(2) 身份证(护照)复印件; 
Copy of ID card(Passport) 
(3) 学历、学位证书及现职任职证明的复印件; 
Copies of Academic,Degree Certificates and certificate of current employment 
(4) 近五年发表的代表性论文和重要成果的复印件; 
Copies of representative publications in the past five years 
(5) 2至3名可供咨询的推荐者名单; 
List of 2-3 referees for consultation 
(6) 工作计划。 
Working plan 
2. 根据收到的应聘材料进行筛选与资格审查,初选通过者将会收到面试通知。 
Screening and qualification review is based on the application materials received, candidates who pass the primary will be notified for an interview. 
Compensation package and support will be under negotiation 
Contact information: 
Mr. Pan 、MS. Du 
Tel: +86-21-53063367 
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine